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Segepoh Solomon Thomas

Full Name

Segepoh Solomon Thomas

Candidate Political Party/Parties



Election Year

Election Type



Constituency 89




Postgraduate Diploma in Education
Bachelor of Art at the University of Sierra Leone
LLB (Hons.) and BL at the Sierra Leone Law School.

Bio Profile

Born on 14th May1976 in Bo Southern Region of Sierra Leone. He is a Lawyer and a holder of Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Bachelor of Art at the University of Sierra Leone, LLB (Hons.) and BL at the Sierra Leone Law School.

He believes in the principles and ideology of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) and for this reason became interested in politics. He contested for the Member of Parliament role in constituency 089 Bonthe District Southern Region of Sierra Leone in 2012 and remarkably won the seat. Serving in that capacity for five years, he was able to constructively deliberate on issues that he believed are of national interest and can help bring positive change on the lives of his people. His people were pleased with his performance in the house of Parliament which led them to call upon him again to represent them in the house of Parliament.   He was faced with so many challenges from members of other political parties but at the end was able to stand the test of time and Victorious became a member of Sierra LeoneParliament in the March 2018 elections.

As a sound and eloquent lawyer, he has been able to analyseissues thoroughly that led the Members of Parliament elect him as the Deputy Speaker of the house of Parliament. Honourable Solomon Segepoh Thomas is the Chairman for the Public Account Committee in Parliament and a Member of the Appointment Committee.

He always advocate on issues affecting his people such as good health Care, Employment opportunities especially for youths, Education, Agriculture and Infrastructural development. He is involved in the legislative and oversight functions to ensure that effective and efficient mobilization of resources are done to change the standard of living of people living in his constituency.


Mobile Contact:  +232 - 78 - 310650