We are currently looking for volunteers to help identify and format previous election results data.

On December 27th and 28th, LAM-TECH now called TpISENT collaborated with SLREN and hosted the first Open Election Data Jam (OEDJ) at Njala University’s Njala Campus. There were 30 plus volunteers including students, civil society activists, and media professionals who attended. Participants were trained on how to manage open elections data using the platform on the first day and on the second day they worked in teams to validate and publish 2007 and 2012 presidential and parliamentary election results, candidate profiles and boundary delimitations for 2018 elections. Thanks to generous donations from individuals like Yeama Thompson, Thomas Songu, Amadu Massally and LAM-TECH's CEO Tamba S. Lamin, we were able to get going.

To effectively make use of the platform and publish election results in near real-time, realistically, we need a total of 12,405 volunteers;

  • 11,799 polling station data coordinators
  • 446 ward data coordinators
  • 132 constituency data coordinators
  • 16 district data coordinators
  • 5 regional data coordinators
  • 1 national data coordinator
  • 1 platform/product/project manager, and
  • 5 platform technical support engineers.

Get involved to make a difference. We are currently looking for volunteers, especially  people with programming, technical writing, and data science skills to help identify, aggregate, transform, format, analyze, visualize and input previous and current election results data. 

Follow us on Twitter @openelectionssl for updates, or email us at info@elections.sl to let us know you’d like to pitch in and adopt a region, district, constituency, chiefdom, ward, or village as a data enthusiast