Setting the records straight on overpopulation of voters

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Over Population Analysis
Some of you may have seen copies of a file with name FINAL OVER VOTING LIST.pdf being shared on social media. The content of that file cannot be trusted. It is misleading and FAKE. As you can see, it does not have NEC's official letterhead and did not come from NEC. We have analyzed it in the interest of transparency and found it to be misleading. Read the content of that file with a grain of salt. We wanted to post it here but we did not do it to avoid spreading FAKE NEWS.

Setting the record straight about Agora's Misleading headlines on the internet

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Poling Station Layout

A group of Sierra Leoneans who are passionate about open elections data and open data are deeply concerned about the misleading headlines being propagated on the internet by “Agora, a Swiss Lab & Foundation for digital democracy.”

The Sierra Leone National Electoral Commission (NEC) did not officially use Agora’s blockchain technology to vote or tally votes during the March 7th, 2018 general elections held in Sierra Leone.

Open Election Data Platform Launches at the Independent Media Commission in Sierra Leone

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Photo of participants at the 2017 Sierra Leone Open Elections Data Platform First Data Jam, Njala Campus

In a project labeled “Sierra Leone Open Election Data Platform (SLOEDP),” Sierra Leonean owned LAM-TECH has donated a platform to report on the national elections slated for March 7, 2018.  See SLOEDP is an open source platform to facilitate free, fair, safe, secure and transparent elections.

How the SLOEDP can enhance what they are doing in 2018

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In blog number 4, part two, we continue to talk about civil society organizations and the NEW, especially, with regard to how the SLOEDP can enhance what they are doing in 2018.  Specifically, if I did not make this point enough in part 1, the SLOEDP will enhance what the NEW is trying to do because they can use their information and upload it into the platform, accredited to them...  We would then have the data with the potential of doing some analysis with them from near (in country) and afar (diaspora multi-sims and int'l partners).  This makes their work further reaching than if they only

Why we need change in Sierra Leone – the case for a developmental, inclusive and democratic party

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Salone Poverty

Yusuf Bangura

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 November 2017

As we approach the elections of March 2018, politicians are busy on the campaign trail. They are making lofty promises. These elections may mark a turning point in our political trajectory. The tenure of Ernest Koroma’s All People’s Congress (APC) will end, and the nation will elect new tenants to State House, Parliament and city and district councils.

Open Election Platform to facilitate free, fair and transparent elections

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Data Jam at Njala Campus
Free and fair elections are the foundation of democracy and essential to the credibility of an incoming government. LAM-TECH Foundation donates a “Sierra Leone OpenElections Platform (SLOEP),” to report on the national elections slated for March 7, 2018.

2018 Elections Just A Skip To Catch Momoh Kemoh Konteh Hits The Ground Running

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Koinadugu District Chairman, Momoh Conteh has assured electorates in his chiefdom that Honorable members of Parliament and Councilors under his leadership as chairman will deliver on the expectation of the commoners.

He made this disclosure during a coronation ceremony of Chief Alhaji Batohma Sheriff by majority of the town chiefs across the district to be the sole representative of the Mandingo tribe in the district.

Sierra Leone People’s Party And The 2018 Elections

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Sierra Leone People’s Party And The 2018 Elections

Among all odds, the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) has and continues to go through the test of time in ensuring that they take over the governance of the state to correct the wrongs of the incumbent All People’s Congress (APC) Party.

Say what you may, Julius Maada Bio in 2012 contested with the most popular candidate, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma and got over 35 percent of total vote cast.

NEC Commissioner Speaks On ID Cards

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NEC Commissioner Speaks On ID Cards

The commissioner for the Northern Region of the National Electoral Commission (NEC), Mr. Macsood Gibril Sesay, has informed the general public that they are not going to disenfranchise any eligible Sierra Leonean whose name is on the Voter’s List on the polling day, even with or without an identity card.  (Photo: Northern Region Commissioner for NEC, Macsood Gibril Sesay)