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Open Data

Granular and Machine-Readable Election Results

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We advocate for the publication of election results in granular and machine-readable formats, by polling station and polling centre. This will make it easier to identify irregularities and discrepancies in the vote count

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Activating public engagement to improve information: case studies from Sierra Leone and Cambodia

Open data and records management

A Matter of Trust: Building Integrity into Data, Statistics and Records to Support the Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. This book explores, through a series of case studies, the substantial challenges for assembling reliable data and statistics to address pressing development challenges, particularly in Africa. Chapter Author(s): Katherine Townsend, Tamba Lamin, Amadu Massally and Pyrou Chung

Open Election Initiative

Open Election Data Principles

We advocate the effective and proactive sharing of election data using the Open Election Data Initiative's nine principles of open election data