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About TpISENT (SL) Limited

ICT Consultancy, Systems Integration, and Systems Operation

A leading management, digital, software, creative and ICT consulting company

TpISENT is a leading professional services company providing ICT consultancy, management consultancy, technology platforms, software development, User Experience Design in Sierra Leone with over 50 years combined experience

TpISENT Sierra Leone Limited
Education Technology + Technology Consulting + Software Development + Management Consulting

Serving clients in Sierra Leone, Ghana, Liberia, Gambia and other Global locations.

TpISENT specialize in planning, defining, designing, building, integrating, testing, deploying, scaling, maintaining and supporting high availability and high performance digital platforms, interactive applications, automation applications, and analytics applications using agile project management and SCRUM software development methodology. No project is too small or too big for TpISENT to work on. TpISENT have the capacity to deliver projects using local consultants or international consultants with local knowledge at competitive prices.

TpISENT Sierra Leone Limited
Education Technology + Technology Consulting + Software Development + Management Consulting

Application + Data + Platform + Infrastructure

We help clients build, scale and operate superior customer experiences in their industries from strategy consulting and creative design to the back-end platforms. TpISENT can help you envision brand, business and customer opportunities, create sustainable products and experiences, activate marketing channels and campaigns, scale your platforms and infrastructure, and operate your new and efficient models as a service.

Systems Integration

DXP + WCMS + LMS + ERP + CRM + CDP + PIM + DAM+ CIAM + Marketing + Commerce

Software Development

Web, Mobile and IoT Application Development

Technology Architecture

Development + Infrastructure + Platform + Data + Application + Business Capabilities + Enterprise


Predictive Analytics

Forecast the election results based on historical trends and data collected


Digital Education Technology Product


All data is stored in a safe and secure relational database system, dynamic database queries enable mixing and matching various data types to generate new views, simple and user-friendly interfaces that are responsive and adaptive

Data Aggregation of candidates
Digital Civic Tech Product

Open Elections Data Platform

Modern and sensible open data models, simple, mobile first and responsive data entry forms, data validation to avoid wrong data entry, multiple approval levels to ensure data is verified and published by approved publishers

Data Collection Tool