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Sallieu Osman Sesay

Full Name

Sallieu Osman Sesay

Candidate Political Party/Parties



Election Year

Election Type



Constituency 38




BSC. (Hons.) in Economics
MSC in Development Studies
MSC in Corporate Finance and Investment
MBA (UK trained)

Bio Profile

Born on 18th December 1974 in Makeni City

Bombali district, Honourable Sallieu Osman Sesay is a Lecturer and holds the following degrees: BSC. (Hons.) in Economics, MSC in Development Studies, MSC in Corporate Finance and Investment and MBA (UK trained).

Honourable Sallieu Osman Sesay has contributed immensely in promoting livelihood support to young people in his constituency. As a Lecturer, he was also recognised for improving the knowledge and skills level of the youth and therefore won their admiration.

He was able to connect to the aspirations of his people and therefore elected to serve his first term in Parliament during the 2012 parliamentary polls, under the ticket of the All People’s Congress Party (APC). Due to his dedicated service during his first term, his people in Bombali district ensured he contested the March 2018 polls and was overwhelmingly re-elected as Member of Parliament for constituency 038, under the All People’s Congress Party.

With his wealth of experience in the financial sector, he was appointed to serve as a member of the Finance committee in the House of Parliament. He is also a member of three other committees; Public Accounts, Agriculture and Works and Assets committees.

Honourable Sallieu Osman Sesay has a passion for women and youth empowerment and has therefore identified agriculture, the construction of community centers and school facilities as the major constituency needs. He is working tirelessly through engagement with partners to help address the issues affecting his people.


Contact:  079 -119027