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Musa  Tarawally

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Musa Tarawally

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Musa Tarawally, 51, can best be described as a politician/businessman. He has served in both the ruling APC and the main opposition SLPP in different capacities. He is, however, contesting on the ticket of the Citizens Democratic Party (CDP).

He was duly nominated after a party congress in January this year. He is a one-time youth leader of the SLPP and served as a minister under the APC government. He held positions of Minister of Internal Affairs and Minister of Lands at a point.

He is on record to have stated that his love for politics started in his teens adding that he was running for the presidency because of his love for Sierra Leone.

He was sacked as Minister of Lands by President Koroma in 2015 over shady deals under his tenure. Bangura Paul Alimamy will be standing as vice president for the CDP.

The authorities detained him in December 2016 over the issue, a move he described as politically motivated given that it coincided with his declaration to run for president