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Hon. Ibrahim Ben Kargbo

Full Name

Ibrahim Ben Kargbo

Current Position

Member Of Parliament

Candidate Political Party/Parties



Election Year

Election Type



Constituency 34



Bio Profile

Honourable Ibrahim Ben Kargbo was born on 18 October 1944 in Makeni, Bombali District, Sierra Leone.

He became interested in Sierra Leone politics with the principle and ideology of all people’s Congress Party (APC). He has served as president of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists. He also served as a Minister of Information and Communication during the first term of President Ernest Bai Koroma’s Regime.

Honourable Ibrahim Ben Kargbo nursed a passion for politics and has been an advocate for issues affecting youths, women, and children in his Constituency when he was the Minister of Information. As a result, his people called him to become their representative in the House of Parliament. Accordingly, he contested for the Member of Parliament role in Constituency 034 Bombali District Northern Region of Sierra Leone. He remarkably won the seat in that Constituency in 2012 even though he faced challenges from his opponents from other political parties.

During his first term in the House of Parliament, he played a vital role by ensuring that issues affecting people in his Constituency were addressed. As a result, he was called upon again to continue serving them as a Member of Parliament. He succeeded in winning the Parliamentary seat again in March 2018.

Honourable Ibrahim Ben Kargbo is the current Deputy Leader of Opposition (APC) in the House of Parliament. He is also the chairman of the ethics committee and a Member of two other committees: the appointment and public service and information committees.

He has identified the major constituency needs affecting his people, and he is making moves through legislative and oversight functions to ensure that these needs are addressed to help transform the lives of his people.