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Catherine Zainab Tarawally

Full Name

Catherine Zainab Tarawally

Candidate Political Party/Parties



Election Year

Election Type



Constituency 37




B.ed, HND, OND, Certificate

Bio Profile

Born in Makeni Bombali District Northern Region of Sierra Leone on 31st December 1980. She is a Jounalist.

She is a strong advocate, believes in accountability and passionate about issues affecting her people such as Health facilities, pipe-bore water issues affecting women, youth and children which she believes can be address as she being their representative through empowerment of women by effective use of resources available; stronger and beneficial international relationship and better employment opportunities for the entire Sierra Leonean populace. She believes in the ideology of the All people’s Congress party (APC) and contested for the Member of Parliament for Constituency 037 Kambia District Northern Region under the umbrella of the (APC) in March 2018. She eventually won the election even though she faced many challenges from her male competitors.

Honourable Catherine Zainab Tarawally always advocate for accountability and respect others opinions which the leaders of Parliament respected well and for such reason appointed her as the deputy chairman for the human rights committee in the house of Parliament. She is also a Member of two other Committees; fisheries and marine resources committee and the local government and rural development committee.

Honourable Catherine Zainab Tarawally has identified Drainage and road construction, Pipe-bore water, Electricity, Health Facilities especially for pregnant women and children, Youth empowerment as major constituency needs for her people. To address these challenges, she has been working to ensure better legislations and oversight done for effective and efficient service delivery to her people and to the people of Sierra Leone.