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Honourable Abu Mansaray

Full Name

Abu Mansaray

Current Position

Member Of Parliament for 074 Constituency

Candidate Political Party/Parties



Election Year

Election Type



Constituency 74


Port Loko


+232 76 509077


holder of two Masters degrees in African Affairs and American Studies and Development Studies

Bio Profile

He was born on 15th July 1966 in Forikolo, Lokomasama Chiefdom Port Loko district, Honourable Abu Mansaray is the holder of two Masters degrees in African Affairs and American Studies and Development Studies. Before entering Politics, he served as Chairman for the Forikolo Action Group; a National Non-Governmental Organisation.

He became interested in politics after identifying and aligning himself with emerging issues affecting his people. He was of the firm conviction that his participation in politics will provide the strategic platform for him to address critical issues of national concern. He sought the support of his people and contested the parliamentary seat for constituency 074 in Port Loko district, under the ticket of the All People’s Congress (APC) party. He won with a comfortable margin and is currently the Member of Parliament for Constituency 074, following the March 2018 parliamentary elections.

Honourable Abu Mansaray is a member of the Defence and Presidential affairs, Transport and Aviation and Trade and Industry committees in the House of Parliament.

He has identified constituency needs related to the following: available education facilities, health care services, agriculture and support to Farmers. He is advocating both in and out of Parliament, to ensure that policies and legislations are formulated to respond to some critical issues affecting his people.