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Hon. Abdul Karim Kamara

Full Name

Abdul Karim Kamara

Current Position

Member Of Parliament for 069 Constituency

Candidate Political Party/Parties



Election Year

Election Type



Constituency 69


Port Loko

Bio Profile

He was born on 3rd June 1976 in Port loko Northern Region of Sierra Leone. He is a Project Manager.
He decided to take a challenge by competing as a candidate for the Member of Parliament role in his constituency. Though he was faced with challenges such as intimidation and financial hurdles from his competitors, he was able to stand the test of time and won the parliamentary seat to represent the people of Constituency 069 North West region
in the Sierra Leone House of Parliament in March 2018 under the ticket of the All People’s Congress Party (APC).

He has been a strong advocate for issues affecting his people like Health, Transportation, and Water which he consider as important and has made him  to advocate for the effective utilization of resources in other to cultivate a better employment opportunities for the people in his constituency and Sierra Leone as a whole.

Honourable Abdul Karim Kamara being a strong advocate has establish himself well and therefor has been appointed as a Member of the planning and economic development committee and NaCSA/NGOs committee in the house of Parliament.

The people of Constituency 069 and Honourable Abdul Karim Kamara has identified as their felt needs. He is making sure that better legislations are made to change the lives of the people.