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Hon. Festus Mohamed Lansana

Full Name

Festus Mohamed Lansana

Current Position

Member of Parliament

Candidate Political Party/Parties



Election Year

Election Type



Constituency 15



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BSC in Economics (1998) - Njala University | MS in Economics in (2002) - University of Botswana | PhD Candidate in Economics (Present)

Bio Profile

Born on 30th August 1969 in Panguma Kenema District Eastern Region of Sierra Leone. He is a Lecturer and an Economist. He first obtained his BSC in Economics in 1998 at Njala University. In 2000 he went to the University of Botswana, where he was successful and came out with a Master’s (MA) in Economics in 2002. Presently he is a PhD Candidate in Economics at Njala University.

His people called upon Honourable Festus Mohamed Lansana to represent and advocate for them in the House of Parliament. He succeeded and won the election as a Member of Parliament in March 2018 under the Sierra Leone Peoples Party.

Honourable Festus Mohamed Lansana is a person that believes in transparency. Because of this, he was appointed Chairman of the Transparency and Accountability Committee and Population and Development Committee in the House of Parliament. He is also a Member of two other Committees. Finance Committee and Tertiary Education Committee.

Honourable Festus Mohamed Lansana and his people identified Safe Water supply, Electricity, good Sanitation, and a good road network as major needs in their constituency and as a Member of Parliament is doing his best to make sure that the people in his constituency overcome these challenges.