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Long Name

Coalition for Change

Current Party Leader

Tamba R. Sandy


16 Main Motor Rd, Congo Town, Freetown

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C4C is a movement that we say has been in the making for more than 59 years. It is built on the hopes and dreams of a properly functional Sierra Leone that will have sustainable development plans and national prosperity.

We believe that we have a group of level-headed Sierra Leoneans from all disciplines of life who are well-intentioned that want to bring about transparent government, better fiscal policies, education and training for our citizens and a respected justice system, among other things.

We believe that we can bring together a coalition of existing parties to put our aims into effect.

At present we have global executives and country-specific executives whose job it has been to create relevant legal entities from which the movement can operate.

We have groups of people dealing with specific tasks which makes us agile enough to deal with anything that we have been able to foresee.

This movement is open to ALL Sierra Leoneans, and we welcome all your comments, questions and suggestions as we formulate and crystallize our plans.

Current Party Leader

Tamba R. Sandy