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9.852912, -11.322613


Falaba District is a district in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. It is one of the sixteen Districts of Sierra Leone. Its capital and largest town is Bendugu. Other towns in Falaba District include Falaba, Sikunia, Krubola, Musaia Ganya and Mansadu Falaba District is divided into thirteen chiefdoms. Falaba District is one of the largest Districts in Sierra Leone in land area, However, it is one of the least most populous districts in the country. Falaba District is known for its mostly conservative Muslim population.  Falaba District has a population of 205,353, based on 2018 estimate.

In 2016, Falaba District was created out of Koinadugu District, and declared a newly created district by then Sierra Leone"s president Ernest Bai Koroma, and was ratified by the Parliament of Sierra Leone to officially become a district in the same year of 2016. Falaba District is one of the two newest districts created by the Government of Sierra Leone, along with Karene District. Falaba District borders Koinadugu District, Bombali District, and the Republic of Guinea.

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