Upper Bambara

Upper Bambara


Upper Bambara has its headquarters in Pendembu. Pendembu today is a small town, with only a little small-scale cocoa trading, but during the colonial period it was an important trading town at the end of the railway line, which reached there in 1907. Today one can still see the ruins of the government warehouse that was used to store produce before shipment. It was also the site of a District Comissioner’s office

The town of Pendembu, which was the birthplace of post-war SLPP president Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, traces its origin to a hunger named Baa Gambia. The place, which is still surrounded by a dense forest, and Baa used to hunt there. It was his custom to place whatever he killed under a Kponde tree, which is how the town got its name, Kpendembu, or Pendembu, as pronounced by the British. Baa Gambia had two sons, Koihina, which means strong leopard in Mende, and Ndimor, who became chiefs of the town after him. There is no record of their contact with the colonial officials. A later chief named Momoh Babawo was the first to sign a treaty with the colonial government. It is unclear how much tim passed between Baa Gambia’s founding of the site and Momoh Babawo’s reign

The current chief is Mohamed Jajua Kutubu, a Mende elected in 1975. He fled briefly during the war

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