Sambaya chiefdom traces its lineage to Mbaimba Samba (“tall Samba”), the eldest son of Malikie Jalloh, a Fullah warrior who migrated from Timbourinya in the Futa Jallon. Jalloh migrated with his wife Delyeria and his three sons, Samba, Habibu and Khalilu. Upon entering Sierra Leone, they came across a lake called Sonfon Dalleh in present day Diang chiefdom, where they met some Kurankos of the Tegeri clan (surname Turay) with whom they intermarried. Samba set off alone from the group to settle in an uninhabited region, where Sambaya is today. The chiefdom’s two families trace the lineage of his two sons.

 The current chief is a Koranko named Alimamy Kolio Jalloh II, a Koranko elected in 1973. He left during the war in 1996 and returned in 2002.

Yabia This ruling house follows the lineage of the second son of Samba. Their headquarters is at Kandeya village.

Nbaymbayeria This house traces the lineage of the first son of Samba. They are affiliated with Wolna, Bendugu and Ballia villages

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