Mr. Mohamed Yahya Sillah - NADP - 1996 - Presidential

Mr. Mohamed Yahya Sillah

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Mohamed Yahya Sillah was born December 12, 1949 in Massam Kpaka, Pujehun District, Republic of Sierra Leone. A journalist and human rights activist, Mohamed Yahya Sillah was a vocal torch-bearer in the transition efforts from military to civilian rule in Sierra Leone, 1996. As Leader and National Chairman of National Alliance Democratic Party (NADP), he competed for the 1996 Presidential elections in Sierra Leone, becoming one of only thirteen political leaders that qualified to contest in the Presidential and Parliamentary elections in the country at the age of 46. His personality lured many Sierra Leoneans and media practitioners to view him as one of the most eloquent and charismatic politicians in Sierra Leone. Nevertheless, he received only 0.5% of the votes (3,723 total votes). Although he protested the election results on BBC's Focus on Africa, he later suspended his protest "for the sake of peace." Mohamed Yahya Sillah continues to enjoy massive support from the youth and women supporters in Sierra Leone.

In 2007, he withdrew his bid for national leadership in the Presidential and Parliamentary elections, citing inadequate funding and ineffective campaign management support. He later put his weight behind the Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP) presidential candidate, Vice President Solomon Berewa, who had lost the elections Mohamed Yahya Sillah congratulated the winning candidate, Ernest Bai Koroma, of the All People's Congress (APC) party. Mohamed Yahya Sillah has vowed to respect and help protect the dignity of any Sierra Leonean that is legitimately and democratically elected to office by the people of Sierra Leone

His father, Alhaji Yahya Sillah, served as the Regent Chief (Acting Paramount Chief) for several years in Dama Chiefdom, Kenema District in the early 1970s. His mother, Haja Mamie Zoe Mansaray, was a homemaker.