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Long Name

Revolutionary United Front Party

Date Founded

Current Party Leader

Kelfala Kossia


22 Antanna Street, Portee Wellington, Freetown

Phone Number



After peace was established, RUF was transformed into a political party: the Revolutionary United Front Party. As of 2006, the general secretary of the party was Jonathan. In the May 10, 2001 general election the party won 2.2% of popular votes and no seats. Its candidate at the presidential elections, Alimamy Pallo Bangura, received 1.7% of the vote. The party received its highest voting in Kailahun, 7.8% in the parliamentary election.

The RUF most recently participated in the 2018 general election in Sierra Leone and had the 6th highest vote tally in the country. It was not considered to be a significant contender.

Current Party Leader

Kelfala Kossia