Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

The PDP was characterized by West Africa as the "loudest"  of the new parties, whose "main handicap is the uncharismatic quality" of its leader, former information minister Thaimu Bangura. In September 1991 Bangura had been named chair of the United Front of Political Movements (UNIFORM), a six party opposition formation that was subsequently dissolved. 

In the February 1996 balloting, Bangura  placed third in the presidential contest, with 16.1 percent of the vote, and the party won 12 seats. Subsequently, as an apparent reward for supporting Kabbah in the second round of presidential balloting, the PDP secured three cabinet portfolios.

Bangura died in March 1999. Following infighting between Osman Kamara and former NPRC member Abdul Rahman Kamara to replace Bangura. Osman Kamara was elected chair . Abdul Rahman Kamara quit the party to form his own organization, the People's Democratic Alliance (PDA) in November. In a cabinet reshuffle in March 2001. Osman Kamara was given the post of trade and industry minister, although he claimed that the PDP was still an opposition party. He was Subsequently replaced. The PDP, with 1 percent of the vote, failed to win a seat in the legislative election of May 2012. Following the election, one cabinet member affiliated with the PDP subsequently joined the SLPP. The party did not did not present a presidential candidate but came out in support of kabbah, Several party officials were expelled in 2006 for alleged financial malfeasance. The party did not participate in the 2007 elections.

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