National Grand Coalition (NGC)

The National Grand Coalition Party (NGC) is conscious of the economic, social and political challenges facing Sierra Leone, particularly the worsening conditions of poverty, social deprivation and inequality among the population. We are aware of the importance of strengthening our democratic values and practice and the need for a very enlightened and committed leadership in the entire State of Sierra Leone which, despite its smallness in area and population and its abundant resources, can hardly guarantee today the social and economic justice required for the advancement of its people. We have witnessed over the years the exploitation of the nation’s natural and human resources which has not had much impact on the quality of life of the population. The NGC, therefore, commits itself to the goal of restoring the lost glories of Sierra Leone so that she can once more take her rightful place in the international community of nations. In order to accomplish this task, the NGC shall draw inspiration from and base the entirety of our action on Sierra Leone’s foundational principles of unity, freedom and justice; the unity of a nation that harnesses its diversity for the common good, freedom for our people to enjoy their rights and live good lives as decent citizens and a system of justice that protects all citizens against unfair, unequal and harmful treatment. The NGC will endeavour to give entrepreneurship the importance it deserves so as to shift the mindset of the people away from patronage and dependency on government for jobs to inter-dependency and reliance on their own strength, talents and creativity.

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20 Nelson Lane
Tengbe Town
Sierra Leone

8.4715396, -13.2562478

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Dr Dennis Bright
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Dr Dennis Bright
"United we Stand, We Stand United
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