National Alliance Democratic Party (NADP)

In 1995, the people of Sierra Leone and the international community exalted pressure on the National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC), the then military regime in Sierra Leone to lift the ban on politics and conduct democratic elections in the country. In June, 1995, a Sierra Leonean journalist and human rights activist, Mohamed Yahya Sillah, invited a group of Sierra Leoneans, namely, Sulaiman Sandy, Ousmann Hassann, Patrick Luseni Moriba, Wurie Kaisamba and Abdul Kamara to join him form a political party to contest the presidential and parliamentary elections in 1996. The group met in Brentwood, Maryland, USA on July 25, 1995 and formed the National Alliance Democratic Party (NADP).

Since 1996, NADP has not contested an election for public office. The Leader and Standard Bearer of the party, Mohamed Yahya Sillah, withdrew the party's participation in the 2002 elections and asked his supporters to back the SLPP candidate Ahmed Tejan Kabbah for president. In 2007, the party again withdrew its participation in the elections for reasons of lapses in the management machinery of the campaign, according to its leader. The party endorsed the candidacy of the Sierra Leone peoples party (SLPP), Solomon Berewa for president

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Mohamed Yahya Sillah
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Mohamed Yahya Sillah
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Ousmann Hassan
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