This chiefdom affiliates itself with the Wonde kingdom in present day Guinea. Penguia is a Kissi word meaning borderland, referring to the split of the Wonde kingdom, which today has 90% of its territory still in Guinea. The exact date that this territory was split is uncertain, but it likely occured during the rush of treaties signed in the 1890s, as both France and Britain scrambled for territory in the area. The settlements in the area trace their history to Kalublangoi and Jimmy Fokloh, who moved from Bombeh village in present day Guinea to settle in Korwatadu village in today’s Penguia.

The current chief is Sheku Samuel Kalublangoi, a Kono elected in 2009. The chief during the war, Sahr Francis Kabba Sei II, did not flee and instead acted as a host to other chiefs. He died in 2007

Panda - This house is the lineage of Korwa, who was a son of either Kalublangoi or Jimmy Fokloh. Korwa signed the original treaty with the British in 1896, and his elder sister’s son began the Panda line.

Mongor Kalublangoi - This house is the lineage of another nephew of Korwa. On Korwa’s death bed he pronounced that the chiefdom must be led by Mongor Kalublangoi after Panda. It was this family that moved the chiefdom headquarters from Bombeh to Sandalu, where it is today

Duveh - This family has the right to run in elections, but has never been elected. Duveh was a chief advisor to Panda who participated in the signing of the treaties. He fell into to disrepute however, after being banished from the chiefdom by Mongor Kalublangoi for impersonating the chief.

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