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In the New Direction, the next SLPP government will place the highest premium on development and economic diplomacy as a core national interest. To this end, the location of existing and the establishment of new Embassies/Missions will be rationalised in order to achieve the greatest benefits consistent with the national interests of our country. In the New Direction, the SLPP government will:
  • Elaborate a new robust foreign policy for Sierra Leone with a clearly focused reorientation that will de-emphasize dependence on foreign aid in favour of promoting favourable development and trade relations consistent with evolving global trends and anticipated outcomes for national economic development
  • Restructure the Foreign Ministry to fully reflect the new national policy objectives
  • Take appropriate measures to introduce professionalism in the Foreign Ministry by injecting and maintaining the highest degree of careerism starting with the recruitment and training of very high calibre personnel as diplomats to be identified from amongst the best University graduates. This is aimed at rebranding the Foreign Ministry in order to introduce greater efficiency and effectiveness in the diplomatic service of the country and the recruitment of staff will not beĀ encumbered by factors other than those that will ensure the highest degree of competence and professionalism
  • Evaluate our foreign embassies and missions for rehabilitation, upgrading and revitalizing
  • Screen and evaluate all consular personnel and introduce performance criteria consistent with national development outcomes
  • Support Research and Documentation to equip Foreign Ministry personnel with quality information at all times
  • Support training schemes to enable our diplomats acquire second and third language proficiencies
  • Raise the level of representation and performance in the organs of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), and the African Union (AU) and maintain full commitment for the domestication of all relevant international treaties and protocols
  • Maintain and strengthen national commitments to the Commonwealth, NonAligned Movement and the United Nations and all other multilateral organisations
  • Taking into account Brexit, develop a new development and foreign policy approach with the European Union
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