Deepening Decentralisation and Strengthening Local and Chieftaincy Councils

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In the New Direction, the SLPP government will:
  • Review the National Decentralisation Policy and amend the Local Government Act 2004
  • Complete the devolution of functions within the first one year
  • Reorganize the Local Government Service Commission and provide it with the relevant policy and regulatory tools, financial and organizational support to position it like its counterpart, the Public Service Commission
  • Review the local government grant making mechanism with a view to ensuring that the initial principles underpinning it (equity, need, lack of capacity to raise adequate own/local resources and even development across the country) forms the basis of computation, allocation and distribution of all grants irrespective of location and partisan composition
  • Allocate a standing Block Grant to support a scheme that will focus on performance
  • Bring chiefdom governance in line with local governance and make chiefdom structures play a major role in the decentralised service delivery process
  • Restore the dignity of Paramount Chiefs and bring them back to the centre stage of national governance with rights and obligations fully recognized and respected
  • Define new conditions of service for Paramount Chiefs and most essential chiefdom staff with a view to building capacity for future challenges
  • Provide mobility for Paramount Chiefs to facilitate outreach and the performance of their roles.
  • Harmonize the relationship between Local Councils and Council of Paramount Chiefs to ensure mutual respect and trust for effective service delivery
  • Restore the dignity and prestige of Paramount Chiefs by improving their conditions of service and making them an integral part of the local governance development process.
  • Construct official residence for all Paramount Chiefs
  • Review the Revenue Schedule to achieve clarity in the areas of responsibilities and roles of the different agents within the decentralization process
  • Reintroduce the Development Grant Allocation to Councils and increase the percentage of National Budget Allocation to Councils commensurate with their devolved responsibilities
  • Ensure that staff of MDAs managing the devolved sectors are supervised and controlled by the Local Councils.
  • Ensure that the salaries and other conditions of service of Local Council staff are aligned with the conditions of service of the Civil Service Commission
  • Ensure that Local Council staff have the opportunity of serving at the central level and vice versa  Take steps to entrench local governance in any revised National Constitution
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