Strengthening and Repositioning the Civil Service

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The New Direction will strengthen and modernize the Civil Service for effective and efficient service delivery. In the New Direction, the principal objective will be to restore the professionalism and efficiency of the civil service. Specifically, the SLPP government will:
  • Reinforce political commitment and provide strong leadership in the reform agenda
  • Rationalize the structure of the public service with a view to having a clear political leadership and direction.
  • Restructure the Human Resources Management (HRM) Office by creating the necessary departments that will be staffed by career Human Resources Officers with the right competencies and skills with a view to modernizing the Civil service to face the challenges of the 21st century.
  • Develop a new architecture of State governance and a national civil service organogram.
  • Review the Civil Service Code and Regulations
  • Establish a National Civil Service Capacity Enhancement scheme.
  • Reintroduce and scale-up 'hire purchase scheme' and housing scheme for serving members of the Civil and related services to enable them to acquire capital items (with values consistent with their official emoluments).
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