Improving Security Governance for Development

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The New Direction will seek to build TRUST between citizenry and security forces. We will build on the progressive reforms of the security sector that commenced after the end of the war, with a focus on professionalization, de-politicisation and equipping of all forces and agencies for effective service delivery. Specifically, we will:
  • Improve the conditions of service of all service men and women.
  • Ensure recruitment, promotions, transfers and deployment of service personnel are conducted in a fair and transparent manner taking due account of professionalism.
  • Re-introduce community screening of recruits into the RSLAF and SLP.
  • Provide adequate housing for RSLAF and SLP service men and women and their families.
  • Make fully functional the Air Force and Navy as part of the Tri-Service of our RSLAF.
  • Work towards mechanizing and modernizing the RSLAF to enable them generate revenue to contribute to nontraditional military functions such as relief, disaster interventions, agriculture and construction.
  • Upgrade healthcare for service, ex-service men and women and their families
  • Provide subsidised education support for all RSLAF and SLP officers and their children intending to pursue professional higher education at national institutions.
  • Ensure a more transparent and value-added participation of our security sector in peacekeeping missions around the world.
  • Review all allowances of men and women serving in UN Peacekeeping Missions to bring them in line with new increases by the UN and ensure that they are paid at their duty post.
  • Take immediate steps to decongest our prisons and institute reforms in the areas of pre-trial detention, prison management and sentencing.
  • Develop an updated fire policy with attendant regulations and guidelines for the fire force.
  • Establish and equip fire force services at district headquarters
  • Remove disaster management from the Office of National Security and establish a national specialized agency for disaster preparedness and management.
  • Set up an integrated immigration network system linking key border posts with the immigration headquarters in Freetown to facilitate data processing and storage.
  • Increase support to the civil registration system.
  • Institute measures to create a National Immigration Service with a view to making it semi-autonomous in the discharge of some of its functions.
  • Reverse Sierra Leone's image as an easy target for money laundering and drug transhipment.
  • Review the laws against drug trafficking with a view to empowering the state to seize and forfeit assets of drug traffickers to meet national and international obligations.
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