Building and Promoting National Cohesion

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The New Direction SLPP Government will make every citizen of Sierra Leone to feel and believe they are an integral part of an inseparable and indivisible country. It will promote inclusive politics, inclusive governance and inclusive development as the only guarantor for enduring peace and security. The next SLPP Government will launch a Presidential Initiative that will be heralded by a national conference on diversity management and rebuilding of national cohesion. Specifically, we will:
  • Initiate policy reforms to ensure that Sierra Leoneans are free to live and work anywhere in the country regardless of tribe, region and other considerations. In this regard, the template requirement on all official documents that identifies the ethnic identity of individuals will be expunged.
  • Fully implement the national youth service scheme where young people from one part of the country will be cross-posted to other parts for their national youth service. 
  • Encourage all political parties to undertake initiatives aimed at diversifying their membership across regional and ethnic divides
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