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In the new Direction, the next SLPP Government will adopt a Sierra Leonean First Policy wherein the interest of Sierra Leoneans will be first. The next SLPP Government will:
  • Implement the Local Content Act
  • Review existing mechanisms issuing and enforcing work permits with a view to creating opportunities for Sierra Leoneans to hold positions for which they are qualified and make the monitoring of people issued work permits more effective
  • Review all laws, regulations and agreements to ensure that apart from statutory social security benefits, employers have in place medical and insurance policies consistent with international best practice
  • Train Sierra Leoneans either by way of a buddy system, having them as counterparts or other alternatives that ensure that skills transfer is enhanced
  • Include in agreements with foreign firms the requirement to fund critical skills
  • Domesticate (where necessary) and enforce core labour standards adopted by the International Labour Organisation (ILO)
  • Strengthen the industrial court and ensure that all labour related disputes are speedily tried
  • Establish a Minimum Wage Board comprising Government agencies and private agencies with the primary responsibility of setting minimum wage at regular intervals¬†
  • Capacitate the Ministry of Labour to enable it to monitor and enforce the labour laws, policies and regulations effectively
  • Review and adopt corporate governance code setting out the key principles relating to ethical and sustainably managed organizations
  • Collaborate effectively with the Sierra Leone Labour Congress and relevant Trade Union organisations within the Congress to promote social dialogue to ensure industrial peace and maintain harmonious industrial relations in the country
  • Conduct a comprehensive systems audit that will entail financial, procurement, technical and management audits and an audit of all its investments with a view to restructuring NASSIT and making it more effective and efficient
  • Review the NASSIT Act and restructure the institution to make it more efficient and effective for achieving its objectives.
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