Empowering our Women

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In the New Direction, we will promote gender equality, equity, empowerment, and the protection of the rights of women either as mainstreamed interventions, or as stand-alone initiatives. Our specific actions will be to:
  • Provide training and educational opportunities for our women
  • Establish a Women’s Development Fund to support female entrepreneurs
  • Promote women in agriculture through direct support to them for large-scale farming and agro-processing activities; providing market information about local and export markets and facilitate the exporting of farm products; providing improved facilities for fish processing and poultry, and promoting female access to land and other strategic resources
  • Enhance female access to modern energy by investing in rural electrification, clean cooking fuel and household energy needs.
  • Make amendments to the procurement laws that would give preferential treatment to performing female contractors
  • Provide support for women’s led organization in rural areas to participate in economic and political activities.
  • Provide free education to women pursuing sciences, engineering and medical disciplines at university.
  • Establish a National Commission for Gender Affairs to develop, co-ordinate, monitor and support the implementation of gender laws and policies
  • Improve expertise in the field of gender by supporting training programmes for gender in institutions
  • Domesticate and implement national and international instruments in support of women empowerment.
  •  Increase the chances of women in politics through:
    • Amendment of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone with a view to increasing the chances of women to participate in politics.
    • Make mandatory for all political parties to enact gender policies that will specify among other things a threshold for women in executive positions and local councils and parliamentary positions.
    • Review and enact the minimum 30% Quota Bill which creates the chance for women to hold 30% of positions in elective and appointive positions.
    • Provide training and funding for female candidates for public elections
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