Disease Prevention, Control and Surveillance

Progress Status
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Campaign Promise
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Detail Activities
  • Improve waste management in growing urban communities through
    • re-introducing special cleaning days
    • strengthening and expanding coverage of public-private partnership in garbage collection
    • introducing recycling and incinerator facilities
    • promoting waste to energy project
    • re-introduce sanitary inspectors under the supervision of the local councils
  • Intensify campaigns against diseases and promote hygienic practices
  • Scale up interventions for the prevention and management of both communicable and non-communicable diseases
  • Develop diagnostics and treatment facilities that can provide quality health care service at affordable cost and save the much needed foreign exchange usually spent on people for treatment overseas through
    • Equipping laboratory facilities in all district hospitals with modern equipment and materials for testing and x-ray facilities
    • Provide modern equipment including scanning and dialysis machines, CD4 count machines in all regional hospitals that will diagnose illness we usually pay for overseas
  • Scale up and sustain delivery of maternal and child immunisation programmes
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