Increasing Access to Quality Technical and Vocational Education

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  • The New Direction believes that training is the foundation for enhancing the country’s competitiveness. SLPP will establish in every district capital one polytechnic that will be fully equipped with modern tools and equipment for technical vocational education and training in areas with high potential for job creation as part of our Skills for Jobs Competitiveness Programme
  • Establish technical and vocational centres in all chiefdoms that would provide training in areas relevant for the rural sector such as hand-pump repairs, bicycle, motorcycle (okada) and vehicle repairs, fabrication and maintenance of agricultural tools and equipment
  • Review and standardize the curriculum and certification for TVET for government and private service providers
  • Develop a national apprenticeship scheme which can provide internship for trainees of TVET institutes and at the same time provide direct training for youth
  • Increase budgetary allocation and disbursement for technical and vocational education to improve on the infrastructure, training tools and equipment, human resources development as well as monitoring and supervision of TVET so that degrees and certificates by local TVET institutes are of quality standard and nationally and internationally acceptable
  • Adopt a policy for private companies to provide support in the form of infrastructure, modern tools and equipment and specialised training to TVET institutes within and around their areas of operation in line with Local Content Act and as part of Corporate Social Responsibilities
  • Grant autonomy and empower District Councils and the private sector to supervise TVET in order to allow central government freedom to focus on governance and policy particularly through implementation of new programmes. These interest groups and stakeholders are better placed to drive TVET at district level.
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