Promoting good governance and sustainable management of fisheries

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  • Strengthen policy and regulatory framework for fish resources by:
    • Revising the existing fisheries policy and finalization of the fisheries and aquaculture legislation
    • Developing a Strategic Action Plan to implement the policy
    • Institutional and management review of the MFMR
  • Register all fishing vessels:
    • Develop a web-based database of all industrial fishing fleets 29
    • Conduct a survey of all artisanal canoes and conduct systematic registration of the artisanal fleet with markings
  • Assess the status of key fish stocks (knowledge on the status of resources):
    • Enhance the MFMR data collection system
    • Enhance the research institute (IMBO)
    • Conduct periodic indirect surveys of key fish stocks (Pelagic and demersal)
  • Promote transparency by publicizing all fisheries management information such as the revenues, licence fees, vessels committing infractions, fines paid by vessels, etc.
  • Prepare and implement Management Plans that set levels of sustainable exploitation for targeted fisheries and create rights and allocation mechanisms for such fisheries
  • Introduce community-led management systems at the community level, transferring management responsibility to the community to manage their adjacent coastal fish resources
  • Develop inclusive communication strategies to serve as platforms for publicizing and informing the public about government’s vision and development programmes for the fisheries sector
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