Oil and Gas Governance

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  • Design a more appropriate petroleum policy taking account of the national context in the expectation of achieving rapid results and better practice, allowing incremental improvements to governance
  • Review policies and laws on oil and gas to be guided by a clear vision for the development of the country and a strategic view of how the petroleum sector will deliver that vision
  • Invest in geological data acquisition and strengthen pre-qualification criteria and ensure transparency to attract the best oil and gas companies
  • Simplify both negotiations and tax structures to mitigate knowledge asymmetries with oil companies in order to reap early revenues and maximize long-term national benefits
  • Government and the oil sector will engage and share information with concerned communities to manage local expectations regarding the sector and build trust
  • Government will build capabilities for the meaningful participation of national organizations in oil and gas resource development
  • Government will enforce the implementation of local content laws by working with oil companies to increase the participation of Sierra Leoneans and their competent businesses in the oil sector
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