Increasing Food Crop Production

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  • Improve the seed bank system through rejuvenating the seed multiplication centres to attract reliable private sector players in seed multiplication and linking appropriate farm enterprises and the Agricultural Business Centres with seed companies for the production and distribution of certified seeds.
  • Develop and implement mechanized commercial farming to transform the traditional subsistence agricultural sector.
  • Diversify crops production through introduction of non-traditional crops
  • Review the present input and output market system to offer farmers and stakeholders along the value chain an opportunity to assess the prevailing input market environment vis-à-vis constraints and potentials for future development purpose
  • Review the legal, regulatory and policy framework guiding the importation, distribution and use of farm inputs
  • Provide duty free support, concessions to local industries engaged in the fabrication of farm tools and supply for other farm inputs
  • Put mechanisms in place for public and private partnership in tractor management
  • Provide and adopt appropriate varieties, coupled with efficient use of water, nutrients and technology to increase productivity in rice and cassava
  • Promote the safe use of organic and inorganic fertilizers
  • Rehabilitate feeder roads linking farming communities to markets
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