Public Expenditure Management

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The New Direction specific policy actions that will be pursued to manage public spending in an efficient and effective manner are:
  • Evaluate the on-going reforms and introduce reforms to strengthen public expenditure management.
  • Develop and introduce a standardized overseas travel policy for the public service and covering all categories of workers including Government Ministers.
  • Develop the capacity of the Ministries, Departments and Agencies in expenditure planning, management and reporting
  • Separate the Ministry of Finance from the Ministry of Development and Economic Planning and enhance the latter's capacity for more effective coordination of donor spending; improving programme/project design, implementation support and monitoring and evaluation
  • Strengthen Public Expenditure Tracking (PET), Audit Service Commission and the involvement of Non-State Actors in monitoring public spending
  • Develop a National Development Monitoring and Evaluation System that will generate real time information on outputs and outcome of all development projects implemented by government and donors
  • Reduce spending on purchase and maintenance of government vehicle as well on fuel by introducing a vehicle pool and movement tracking system.
  • Expand and improve efficiency in public spending on social services through deepening the decentralization process, developing the capacities of MDAs in the various districts for service delivery and encouraging public-private partnership in service delivery
  • Re-establish the authority of the Public Service Commission as the primary authority to recruit civil servants
  • Harmonize the wage structure in the public sector to keep the wage bill sustainable.
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