Setting the records straight on overpopulation of voters

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Some of you may have seen copies of a file with name FINAL OVER VOTING LIST.pdf being shared on social media. The content of that file cannot be trusted. It is misleading and FAKE. As you can see, it does not have NEC's official letterhead and did not come from NEC. We have analyzed it in the interest of transparency and found it to be misleading. Read the content of that file with a grain of salt. We wanted to post it here but we did not do it to avoid spreading FAKE NEWS. For example, on this list, polling centre 1004 that happens to be in Kailahun district shows total valid votes=814 and registered voters at 310. This is wrong and false. Centre number 1004 has a total of 1,231 registered voters and a total of valid votes=814. There was no over voting in this centre. According to NEC's breakdown of results and previously shared list of polling stations, the same polling centre has a total of 1,231 registered voters and NEC counted a total of 814 valid votes. That means, 417 registered voters in that polling centre did not vote or those votes where nullified.  However, we noticed some discrepancies between the data on polling centres published by NEC at… and the list of polling stations with a count of registered voters that NEC submitted to us when we sent an FOI request to them for this data prior to the elections. NEC flipped the numbers for polling centre 1002 and 1004 in their list of polling centres published online. =screenshot showing correct counts Yes, the centres are flipped and that may be a mistake on NEC's part. The fact remains the same. The data on overpopulation that was calculated by whoever and being shared by whoever is wrong and misleading. Based on our calculations, we noticed an overpopulation of 5 votes in only one centre (1002) in kailahun district. =screenshot showing correct counts For you information, SLOEDP via LAM-TECH, sent an FOI request to NEC requesting an official list of polling stations with a count of votes before the elections to provide the people with accurate raw and granular information for analysis after counting. when you look at polling centre data, you are looking at data that has already been manipulated. The raw that is polling station data. Centre totals are derived from station counts. Granular data is king and it's all that matters because everyone can use a well-established tool to derive at the same answer. We are working on a single file that will show registered voters against total valid votes cast/counted by polling station. =screenshot showing overlay of results You can check to download 2018 breakdown of 100 percent presidential election results by polling station - CSV  and List of Polling Stations for Sierra Leone 2018 General Elections - Excel to analyze and draw conclusions.

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