This chiefdom traces its origins to Mandu Falley, a warrior who entered the area from present day Liberia. His son, Kaba Sei was recognized as first chief of the chiefdom. At the end of the 19th century, Kaba Sei rose to prominence by fighting of an invasion by Ndawa, a great warrior from Segbwema (Abraham, 2003, p. 85).

There is only one family in the chiefdom today, the Coombers, who trace the lineage of Kaba Sei. This family’s rule however was interfered with by President Siaka Stevens, who appointed a chief of, J.B. Bunduka, in an effort to consolidate political power in the area. Bunduka reigned until 1991 at the beginning of the war, when he was the first paramount chief to be murdered by the RUF which had sworn to free the country from APC oppression (Smith et. al., 2004). Undoubtedly the violence of the RUF against Bunduka was a rejection of outside interference in the chieftaincy. A regent chief held the seat after Bunduka’s death until the election of the current chief Samuel Coomber, in 2003.

Coomber This house is the lineage of Mandu Falley and his son Kaba Sei.

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