Kpeje West

Kpeje West


Kpeje West traces its origin to a warrior Torloh, who original settled in what is today Kpeje Bongre. He decided to strike out on his own in search of more fertile land so he and his people left Kpeje Bongre to establish many villages with his people, including Tokpua, Kpahun, Konabeh, and finally to today’s chiefdom headquarter Bunumbu. His family has maintained strong control of the chiefdom ever since.

The current chief is Haja Maitta Songua, a Mende elected in 2003. THe chief during the war, Moigua Koroma fled in 1991 to Freetown, where he died of natural causes.

Mustapha  - This house is the lineage of Torloh. After Torloh’s death, his son Kajone became chief, and after that, his son Sam Saffa Ngebeh became chief. Saffa was given the name Mustapha incorrectly by the British, and this is how the family’s name came about.

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