Kissi Tongi

Kissi Tongi

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Kissi Tongi, with its headquarter town at Bendu, was the administrative center of original Kissi chiefdom. After the partition of the chiefdom, the heads of the various sections established themselves as ruling houses. The current chief is Sengu Nyuma, a Kissi elected in 1985. He fled during the war.

Damba  -This chiefdom is the lineage of Kongor Damba, who is believed to have migrated from Kissidugu in Guniea. From his village in Dambala he was recognized as the first Paramount Chief of Kissi Tongi after the parition in 1919.

Sahr Kalan  - This house is the lineage of Sahr Kalan, a leader who succeeded Kongor Damba on the throne. Their headquarters is Bendu town. The current chief is from this family.

Kai Tong - This house is the lineage of another local leader, affliated with the Kayelole section of the chiefdom.

Bai Bayon - This house is the lineage of Masakalia Sato the leader of Bandasuma village and the Pokolie section of the chiefdom

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