Kissi Teng

Kissi Teng

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Kissi Teng, meaning middle in Kissi, was in the middle of the Kissi Kingdom administered from Bendu. It traces its own history further back, however, to a warriror from Kissidugu in Guinea named Kpain Tambilie, who’s son Favissi Konor settled the area. Kissi Teng was split from the Kissi Kingdom in 1919.

The current chief is Emmanuel Ganawa, a Kissi elected in 2010. The chief during the war, Jusu Ganawa, fled to Kissidugu in Guniea during the conflict.

Ganawa - This house traces the lineage of Gibao Ganawa, son of Favissi Konor the warrior king. They have their headquarters in Koniadu village.

Bandabla - This ruling house traces the lineage of Saffa Bandabla, a section chief at the time of the partition who became the first recognized Paramount Chief. Their headquarters is Kpekeledu village

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