Kissi Kama


Kissi Kama was originally part of a larger Kissi chiefdom, which had its headquarters at Bendu. The Kissi people of the area are primarily farmers, and their name is attached to the “Kissi penny”, long thin bars of iron which were used as money before the introduction of Sterling. The kingdom was fragmented into what are today Kissi Kama, Kissi Teng and Kissi Tongi chiefdoms in something of a coup instigated by a local leader named Jopolo Tengbeh Bangbeyor. Frustrated with the leaders of the Kingdom, Bangbeyor approached the District Commissioner in Pendembu and requested that the chiefdoms be fragmented into three. This was evenutally done, and he was crowned first paramount chief of Kissi Kama in 1919.

The current chief is Tamba Sedi Okeke Jabba IV, a Kissi elected in 2003. The chief during the war, Fayia Moriu Jabba III died in 1997 while in exile in Guinea

Jabba - This house traces the lineage of Morlu Jabba, a nephew of Bangbeyor, who was elected chief in 1922 after Bangbeyor’s death. They have their headquarter in Kongoma village.

Tengbeh  - This house traces the lineage of Bangbeyor himself, and his its headquarters in Dokosu village

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