Councillors elections are conducted in 446 wards, out of which 12 are multi-member wards. In the Councillors’ elections, a total of 489 Councillors will be elected across 446 Wards nationwide to be part of the 22 local councils around the country. There will be one Councillor elected for each ward, except in the 12 wards where the number of Councillors may vary from 4 to 8. 434 Councillors will be elected for single-member wards and 55 from multi-member wards. The multi-member election is in four districts (Kono, Bombali, PortLoko and Bonthe). Elections for Councillors are based on a “simple majority” or “First Past the Post” system; meaning that the candidate (or in multi-member wards, candidates) who obtains the highest number of valid votes cast in the ward is elected. Both political party and independent candidates may contest these the elections. • Councillors’ elections in single-member wards In single-member wards voters will mark the ballot only once in the box of the candidate of their choice. The candidate with the highest number of valid votes will be elected. • Councillors’ elections in multi-member wards In multi-member wards voters will mark the Councillor’s ballot paper as many times as the number of Councillors required to be elected in that particular ward. The candidates with the highest votes will be elected.