Dia chiefdom traces its origin to Yaku Gbongo, a mercenary who had been hired in the mid 19th century by Nyagua, a Mende warrior who exerted influence over a region then called Kpanguama (Abraham, 2003, pg. 180). Gbongo supposedly had supernatural powers, and was able to disappear at will, a technique which was useful in battles. After Nyagua expanded his empire through a series of battles, he awarded Gbongo in the late Gbongo came from Guma town in Vaahun, which in present day Liberia. The chiefdom today has two families, each of which trace the lineage of one of two cousins descended from Gbongo.

The current chief of Dia is Joseph Bofelay Edwin Gaima VI, a Mende elected in 2005. The chief during the war, Thomas Davowa Gaima, fled in 1992 for Kenema and later Freetown, where he died in 2001.

Gaima Gbailo - This house traces the lineage o f Chief Gbailo, the eldest son of Gbongo. He inherited the chieftaincy from his father. This village has its headquarters in Mogbailo village

Manyeh - This house is the lineage of Manyeh, a first cousin of chief Gbailo. He had administered a separate part of the chiefdom on behalf of Gbongo.

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