Urban Water Supply

Progress Status
Not Started
Campaign Promise
Detail Activities
  • Construct a new water reservoir for Freetown and its immediate environs
  • Construct boreholes and gravity water supply facilities in hard to reach peri-urban areas in Western Area
  • Rehabilitate water distribution network in Freetown and construct stand pipes in deprived communities
  • Introduce flow meters to reduce wastage in urban towns.
  • Rehabilitate existing water dams and protect all major watershed areas against deforestation and other environmental problems
  • Speed up institutional and regulatory reforms of the sector, especially at GVWC and SALWACO, to improve on efficiency and cost recovery
  • Separate water generation from water distribution and supply responsibilities as it is now the case with electricity
  • Strengthen the maintenance culture and capacity of Guma Valley Water Company
  • Encourage rain water harvesting all over the country
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