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In the New Direction, the overall objective of sea port development is to provide a conducive and competitive port facility. To this end, the specific policy actions shall include
  • The parastatal agencies responsible for overseeing sub-sectors will be restructured and reformed with an emphasis on management improvements, privatization of certain functions and sustainable financing through user-fee based services and toll roads.
  • Construct additional storage facilities as well as pumps and pipelines to increase the material loading rate
  • Handle the remaining privatisation programme for the Port transparently
  • Continue current expansion of port facilities to handle OGVs and ensure efficient discharges of cargo
  • Establish a One Stop window at the SLPA for speedy processing of customs and other import and export clearances.  Institute policies and regulations that will help reduce the costs of shipping and clearing goods
  • Re-organise the Maritime Protection Agency to make it more effective
  • Carry out a feasibility study to convert the Nitti sea port used by mining companies into a commercial sea port
  • Develop a port at Sulima with the objective of supporting mining operations
  • Ensure quality and pro-poor safe ferry services to various destinations where land access is restricted by constructing new berthing facilities and jetties
  • Encourage and promote private sector development of inland water transportation services for passenger and goods as an alternate mode to road transport by using larger, more efficient boat buses and ferries between for example, Bonthe-Shenge – Freetown, Sulima – Freetown- Port Loko etc
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