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On 25th, April 2018, The Statehouse released "Executive Order Number Two Immediate Expenditure Control Measures"
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Over the last 10 years, overseas travel was an expanding Government area. Despite the cosmetic austerity measures, reports show that the travel budget after austerity is higher than the preausterity period. For example, the attendance of the President to UN, AU or ECOWAS Summits cost over Le4.0 billion in each case. Overseas travel expenses across the MDAs are uncontrollably higher, estimated at over Le250 billion or more than $30 million a year. We recognize that it may be impossible to reduce overseas travel to zero. However, in order to to make savings the following measures will be adopted:
  • Government delegations will be reduced or streamlined to the minimum-value for money travels
  • Quarterly budget performance report on the outcomes compared to estimates of MDAs will be published
  • Use of Sierra Leone diplomatic missions to represent Government except where there are unavoidable statutory meetings that lead to net economic benefits
  • Adopt travel policy across Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs) on ticketing, travel per diem computation, categories of class of travel for each category of staff.
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