Promoting Press Freedom and Strengthening Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)

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In the New Direction, the next SLPP administration will introduce the following reforms for the common good:
  • Repeal the seditious libel law
  • Adopt policies and laws to develop the capacity of journalists
  • Support the School of Journalism and other institutions to train journalists
  • Provide funding opportunities for journalists to establish press houses as corporate entities ·
  • Encourage the private sector to invest in the media
  • Provide a budgetary subvention to SLAJ
  • Enhance the capacity of the IMC to enforce the IMC Act
  • Review the legal and operational status of the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation SLBC to make it a truly professional national broadcaster
  • Facilitate full implementation of Right to Access Information Act
  • Provide an opportunity for non-state actor quota to be reflected in aid received by the State from donors
  • Review donor funding architecture to establish a level playing field for NGOs and CSOs.
  • Streamline government operations especially in the Office of the President with a view to making it leaner, smarter, efficient and effective.
  • Strengthen existing donor guidelines by ensuring that the Office of NGOs in MoFED is independent and effective.
  • Reduce registration burden on non-state actors by eliminating multiple registration requirements.
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