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On 25th, April 2018, The Statehouse released "Executive Order Number Two Immediate Expenditure Control Measures". 
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It is reported there are 100,000 vehicles registered by Government and related institutions. These exclude those registered under parastatals using private number plates. The purchasing cost of the vehicles, which are mainly SUVs, is around $65,000 to $110,000 each (Government prices). First problem, the vehicles are excessively overpriced. For example, a V6 Land Cruiser or Prado costs Government around Le660 million for 5 years covering high purchase price, customs duty/tax waiver/insurance and repairs. V8 Toyota Land Cruiser will cost Government Le1.09 billion in 5 years. We estimate that 10,000 vehicles cost is around Le6.6 trillion. Reducing this cost by at least 50% will make Le3.3 trillion in 5 years. Concrete measures will include reducing spending on purchase of V8 vehicles, introducing pool vehicle system in the public sector; staff bus service for junior workers and vehicle loan system for certain categories of public sector workers.
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