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In the New Direction, the SLPP government will sanitize and reform the land tenure system to make it compatible with the increasing demands of a modern economy and ensure equitable distribution of land and related issues. Other specific policy actions will include 
  • Implement the National Lands Policy 2015 ensuring justice for all
  • Improve the management of state lands with a view to ensuring equitable distribution
  • Develop the capacity of Ministry of Lands and Country Planning to enable it establish branches in all district headquarter towns
  • Set up a Lands Court to help speed up the trial of land cases
  • Build affordable housing around the country for the underprivileged • Create Land Banks to ensure availability and affordability
  • In consultation with relevant professional bodies including the Sierra Leone Institution of Engineers (SLIE), the Professional Engineers Regulation Council and the Sierra Leone Institute of Architects (SLIA), improve the enforcement of land use planning and building regulations
  • Digitize through the use of GPS all plots, streets and roads around the country
  • Codify land tenure through a GIS Cadastral system with standard town lots as basic module. All private and state lands will be plotted as multiples of the standard lot.
  • Large new and undeveloped areas to be pre-designed with standard lots and access roads prior to selling allowing for the provision of electricity and water services
  • Enforce land use zoning system differentiating residential, commercial, industrial and mixed development areas
  • Envision the modernization and beautification of the Western Area and particularly the City of Freetown 20 years into the future with multi-storey office and residential accommodation to replace the clusters of old, derelict, shanty, not fit for purpose buildings and create parking and green spaces around them. Flyovers will be built in key locations and critical road works in the City widened.
  • The SLPP government will facilitate a national debate on land tenure reform consistent with the demands of a modern economy
  • Improve the legal framework for leaseholds or gifts of land in the Provinces in order to make them amenable for collateral security and investment
  • Revise legislation to remove the “non native” Sierra Leonean nomenclature and its attendant discrimination
  • Structure the Land Policy so as to increase the scope for investment and provide for means of having legal redress
  • Ensure land is available to all Sierra Leoneans anywhere in Sierra Leone
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