Improving Information, Communications and Technology (ICT)

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Under the New Direction the next SLPP Government will ensure that telephony and communications services are improved to such an extent as to contribute significantly to the country's communications development and at affordable cost to all. More specifically the next SLPP administration will:
  • De-politicise NATCOM to enable it carry out its functions efficiently and effectively
  • Forge ahead with liberalising the sector, providing good regulation and the enabling business environment to spur the sector forward
  • Establish an Electronic Governance system to manage government business electronically
  • Increase access by the public, particularly the rural poor, to all aspects of ICT. In particular, the following measures will be adopted:
    • Computer training and facilities will be established in Public Libraries, schools and colleges.
    • Protect legal documents by establishment of digital storage centres at remote locations.
    • Develop IT infrastructure resilience by multiple back up services for all government documents in all ministries, ensuring health records, land records, etc. are secure
  • Increase encouragement for setting up of community radio stations
  • Increase availability of ICT equipment by providing the requisite incentives
  • Science teaching will be encouraged in schools and colleges through focused policies in education. This will lead to a growing pool of technical and scientific labour to create a middle manpower pool nationwide
  • Further enhance broadband access across the country, improving rural telecommunications and creating customer choice and affordability
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